Together as a community we share  responsibility to provide a quality education for each  child.





Basic to any curriculum and general school operation are the philosophical and educational benefits supported by those who design and implement curriculums and practices.  The following beliefs are valued by the personnel of East Beauregard Elementary School:


East Beauregard Elementary School, where students are the top priority in all decision-making, will be characterized by the following:  high expectations for all students and progress based on demonstrated knowledge and use of skills; success for all; academically balanced and technologically proficient students;  a quality, caring, well trained staff;  active learning, student centered learning; a customer service approach demonstrated by all East Beauregard Elementary staff; lifelong learners who are adaptable to change; students who respect others and are interdependent; a mutual partnership that exists between schools, students, parents, and the community; comfortable, safe facilities; a school community that is substance abuse free; and a disciplined, orderly, secure setting.


The operations of East Beauregard Elementary School are continuously measured against the following beliefs:

•  We believe an educated population, capable of thinking independently and working together, is critical to democracy.

•  We believe all people have equal worth and deserve equal opportunity.

•  We believe an effective school measures what they do and act upon the results.

•  We believe an effective school has clearly defined expectations.

•  We believe responsible decision making requires a knowledge of the past, an understanding of the needs of the present, and a vision of the future.

•  We believe learning occurs best in a safe and secure environment.

•  We believe individuals are unique and learn at different rates and in different ways.

•  We believe it is critical to the success of the learning process to apply knowledge and practice skills.

•  We believe a changing world demands that all people be lifelong learners.

•  We believe the entire community, working in partnership, creates the conditions for successful learning.